Inshore Fishing Tarpon Curacao

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I am Bartje Kayak

I have had the fishing virus since I was young.
It all started on a pond in the Varenwinkel, a small village in Belgium

When I turned 18, I was finally able to travel to the Netherlands with my car and my boat. Where I could be found every weekend.
At first I fished for anything called predatory fish. It was only a few years later that I only focused on the big predators: the pike.

In 2020 we emigrated to Curacao where I immediately focused on everything that can be called predatory fish. And where the tarpon is my favorite.
We have now been fishing on the waters of Curacao for several years and I have of course learned a lot of fishing techniques. I would like to share this with you.

It ranges from street fishing to fishing in the beautiful bays of Curacao to the deep edge of the sea. Both in the morning and in the evening.
But besides fishing, my wife and I also have a bungalow park on Curacao called Amazing View Bungalows.
Amazing View Bungalows is quietly located on a hill with a view of the salt pans and the sea.

So for those who want to book a complete fishing trip where accommodation, car and fishing are one package. Please feel free to ask about our special rates.
We can offer a different fishery every day, both in inland waters and at the edge of the sea.
And after your fishing trip you can cool off in the pool or in your own private jacuzzi.

For all information about our park Amazing View Bungalows, click on the button below and you will be taken to the Amazing-View-Bungalows-Curacao website.
Hopefully I can welcome you on the water or on the hard bottom of Curacao.