Combi fishing

Combo fishing

What does combination fishing entail: you can already guess it. Here we combine fishing on the inland waters with fishing on the sea.

So we start in the morning at 6 or 7 o'clock. You can decide that yourself.

Once on the Whaly boat, we set off tow towards the open sea. We already have a chance of seeing a barracuda, snook or jack. Whatever, we can expect basically anything. 

When we arrive at the sea after a 20-minute tow, we change the fishing rods and start towing at sea. We do this of course with the same light material as indoors. We only take the mills a size larger. We'll take a Penn Battle 5000.

This way we keep the sport, but we just have a little more line. And this in case the big wahoo pulls our line through the blue water at high speed. This way we have a little more time to slow down the powerhouse.

What can we expect

At sea we troll lures for wahoo and tuna. But as you know, a barracuda is always nearby.

We also have a fishing rod ready if we can catch a small tuna or something else small. So that we can immediately use that fish as a live bait. Because you never know when a big guy will be around to grab the live bait.

Once we have fished at sea for (two) hours, we return to the inland water.

To drag or cast lures back there. Here we have completely different opportunities. We will then go hunting for tarpon, snook, barracuda and jack.

This way we did everything in one fishing trip and were very active on many different rovers.

So there is always one that we can seduce.

Price for 4 hours Combi fishing

1 person: $120, additional hour of fishing plus $20

2 people: $200, additional hour of fishing plus $20 per person

All fishing tackle and supplies are included in the price

Longer fishing sessions on request

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