inshore fishing

The inland waters

I mainly fish in the inner bay of Piscadera.

It is a piece of beautiful nature of Curacao that you should certainly not miss during your holiday.

I go out on the water with my Whaly 3.70 boat to catch all kinds of fish that swim around and there are a lot of them. 

You will also encounter many waterfowl and other bird species. In the morning it is usually silent and you only hear beautiful bird sounds and splashes of hunting fish

What more could one want in an early morning???

I can see you thinking: FISH of course.

Whaly 3.70 with Suzuki 15 hp

How do we work

We start in the morning at 6 or 7 o'clock, you can decide that yourself.

Another time can always be discussed.

Once we have taken a seat in the Whaly, we will discuss which fish you prefer. This way we can adapt our way of fishing to your wishes.

Inshore fishing means that we fish in the inner bay for 4 or 5 hours.

We usually start trolling along the beautiful mangrove to see where the fish are. We especially keep an eye on tarpon ridges because that remains one of the favorites.

We will also cast lures towards the mangrove. We do this with shads or plugs.

There is always a snook or tarpon under the mangrove trees that we can remove.

And if we have live bait, we also fish with the live bait.

All this on light fishing equipment, which makes the sport and experience even greater.

Price for 4 hours of Inshore fishing

1 person: $120, additional hour of fishing plus $20

2 people: $200, additional hour of fishing plus $20 per person

All fishing tackle and supplies are included in the price

Longer fishing sessions on request

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More information or book a fishing trip?


Call/whatsapp to +5999 679 54 26