Inshore jigging

Inshore jigging

Jigging: everyone knows it. But the first thoughts are like: I'll drop a heavy piece of lead and tap it back up.

Well no, I mainly do it with light material and therefore also with light jigs of 20 to 100 grams.

I usually do this fishing in the evening and somehow the water starts to come alive in the evening.

Horse eye jacks and other species also come to the coast much shorter to hunt for their prey. Which makes things a little easier for us.

But the fishing trip can also take place in the morning because early in the morning they take their last bite before they go back to the deeper water.

With jigging fishing you can expect everything such as bonefish, snook, snappers, ladyfish, all types of jacks and so on. 

In other words: everything that swims around can be caught.

How do we work

If we leave in the evening, we start at 5:00 PM and fish until 9:00 or 10:00 PM.

In the morning it is best to leave as early as possible. Usually at 6 o'clock in the morning, but earlier is always possible. We then continue fishing for 4 to 5 hours.

We first start at the entrance to the sea and look for the first predators such as bonefish. We encounter these regularly.

We continue to work to a depth of 8 to approximately 75 meters. We do everything while jigging and adjust our jigs depending on the depth and current.

This way I have several jigs at hand. Because depending on what we want to catch, we have to adapt our way of jigging.

One fish wants speed and the other fish prefers to be offered it calmly. But no problem, I will explain it all step by step. So that at the end of the fishing trip you no longer need any explanation. 

Price for 4 hours of Inshore jigging

1 person: $120, additional hour of fishing plus $20

2 people: $200, additional hour of fishing plus $20 per person

All fishing tackle and supplies are included in the price

Longer fishing sessions on request

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