Tarpon fishing

Tarpon fishing in the morning

We start at 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning. You can decide this yourself.

Once on the water with the Whaly boat, we open our eyes very well. 

Because there are mornings when we see the tarpon rolling like dolphins on the surface. This means that we go there with the Whaly boat and cast lures to the tarpon. It's always nice when this happens because it makes it a little easier for us to hook the Silverking.

There are also mornings when we don't see them at all and then we have to search. Fortunately, we do have places where they are always present during the best times.

We then slowly troll our lures to our favorite spots. Where we then completely cast out the mangrove with artificial bait.

If we get live bait, we also use it as live bait to go after the Silver King.

This means we have an exciting but quite active day to get our hands on that dream fish.

Tarpon fishing in the evening

We will start at 5:00 PM and continue until 9:00 PM or 10:00 PM. You can decide this yourself.

We approach fishing in the evening completely differently than in the morning. We really focus mainly on the big boys here.

We then tackle it statically with dead bait. Now if you think this seems boring to me. Well, I can guarantee you that nothing could be further from the truth when you suddenly see that fishing rod fold in half. You get an adrenaline boost from zero to a hundred. 

If at that moment it would be better to troll or cast artificial bait, we adapt our way of fishing and do so until it gets dark. Because my experience has taught me that they much prefer to take easy prey on the bottom, especially the big mamas.

When making this choice, we generally first agree on how we are going to fish.

You also don't have to worry about lighting. I always have enough headlamps on hand so that we have enough light. It is best to take water shoes with you if we have to go into the water to catch your dream fish.

Price for 4 hours Tarpon fishing

1 person: $120, additional hour of fishing plus $20

2 people: $200, additional hour of fishing plus $20 per person

All fishing tackle and supplies are included in the price

Longer fishing sessions on request

More information or book a fishing trip?

Mail: bartje@inshorefishing-tarpon-curacao.com

Call/whatsapp to +5999 679 54 26